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Premium car detailing in Ottawa

Restore, protect and maintain one of your most valuable possessions. Experience what others have rated five-stars for all of their detailing needs.

Thorough Detailing

When you trust your car to us, your vehicle is being taken care of at a higher standard than anywhere else in Ottawa. Professional tools and products are a given, but the skill and experience are what Rinse Water brings to auto detailing. Rest assured that you will not be left wanting for a more in-depth treatment of your vehicle.

Customer Focused

Complete guidance, clear communication and peace of mind are critical to you having a positive experience. If you’re unfamiliar with certain aspects of detailing, your questions will be answered fully. Before, during and after your car’s detail, you are kept up to date with progress, timing and information to keep your automobile looking great. Your appointment is personalized to you and your car to guarantee you drive away satisfied.


The process, the transformation and the customers’ reactions. These are the reasons we love to detail and restore the interior and exterior of cars. We never take shortcuts to getting the best possible results and bring value everywhere that we can.

Ferrari polished paint

Our Most Popular Detailing Services

Foam Cannon Car Wash Soap
Ceramic Coating Water Beads on Car
Black Impala Car Paint Swirls
Cream Mustang Car Interior Detailed

Front to back, top to bottom, this is the full treatment of your car’s exterior. The complete exterior detail removes bonded contamination that regular washes don’t touch. Chemical and mechanical tools make your car look better than from the showroom floor, no matter how old.

Imagine your car as easy to clean, always looking its best and never waxing it again. Ceramic coatings are the answer for anyone who wants minimal effort and maximum protection for their vehicle for years!

If the paint on your car is swirled, dull and even scratched, polishing will restore the shine and gloss. Easily the the most satisfying result you can ask for when detailing your car. 

As the weeks and months pass by dirt, salt and pet hair build up without you even noticing. Eventually it’s time to get a full reset and we’ve seen everything Ottawa can throw at an interior. A full interior detail goes the distance to let you drive in clean comfort when your car’s interior is overdue.

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Additional Ottawa Auto Detailing Services

Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are foggy and dim, you don't need to have them replaced! This multi-step sanding and polishing method will clear them up to be crystal clear. A layer of protection is also added to make them last.

Premium Wash & Wax

For cars that need to maintain their good looks. I recommend a full exterior detail to start, but this premium wash will get the job done of maintaining a clean and protected vehicle.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Dust, grease and grime will ruin the look of an otherwise healthy engine. Brighten up what's under the hood with an engine bay cleaning. Especially great when getting ready to sell a car. 

Basic Interior Cleaning

If you want a great looking car all the time, you'll want to stay on top of any accumulated soil build up before it goes too far. A fast and dry clean up of the interior will keep you in peak comfort year-round. 

More About Detailing

Many people may be picturing a high volume operation with a team of people performing a hand wash of your car. But in a world of fast work and low quality, Rinse Water Detailing was founded to meet the needs of those in Ottawa who want real value for their dollar. This is what true automotive detailing can and should offer.


Maybe your car is a prized possession that brings joy to you and those who see it and drive in it. You demand thorough yet gentle attention. Maybe you have a family car driven daily and used in the most practical way. For you the priority may be feeling good about having guests in your car without an embarrassing grime or smell.


Our services take these variables into account. Every vehicle and customer is approached as a combination to determine your exact expectations. You can benefit from top quality attention with peace of mind no matter your specific requirements.


Regardless of your circumstance, a premium result and total transformation is always the target. Between the time you drop off your car to when you pick it up, you will see where value lies. 


People arriving to pick up their car often say the same thing, “I can’t believe it could look this good”. You may even be seeing the true colour and shine of the vehicle for the very first time since owning it. Especially when choosing to polish the paint


Good looking, good feeling, better protected and easier to clean. These are the benefits of a well detailed car. When you park your car and just have to look back at it as you walk away; mission accomplished. And of course, there is simply no denying that a clean car just drives better (right?!)...


When paying for any service, I want to be fully satisfied and you should expect the same. If we’ve missed something it will be addressed immediately. If there is a service we do not provide, we will propose solutions to you.


This level of attention may not be what everyone is looking for. If you have used and are satisfied with tunnel washes or inexpensive  “wash and wax” services, then we recommend you continue to use them. If you are looking for a higher tier of service and ready to enjoy true pride of ownership, please give us a call. 


If you are in the Nepean, Gloucester, Greely or South Keys area, we are nearby and ready to answer your questions and of course look after your vehicle.


Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

Call or Text: 613-799-5224

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