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Restore, Protect and Maintain One of Your Most Valuable Possessions. You Deserve an Uncompromised Detailing Experience.

Thorough, Passionate, Customer Focused.

Your car has the potential  of looking better than you ever thought possible. That’s the level of service we offer. When you trust your car with us, your vehicle is being taken care of at a higher standard than most anywhere else in Ottawa. Your experience is personalized to you and your car to ensure that you can drive away completely satisfied.


Any questions you have will be answered prior to starting the detail and I am glad to walk you through the process. If you’d like to read more on the specifics ahead of time, a good place to start is with information on the Complete Exterior and Full Interior process. If tossing the keys over and walking away is more your style, then rest assured that your vehicle will still get only the most exacting of treatments.


This level of attention is not for everyone and that’s perfectly fine. If you’ve used tunnel washes or inexpensive  “wash and wax” services and are satisfied with these, then I do recommend you continue to use them. If you are looking for a higher tier of service and ready to enjoy true pride of ownership, please give me a call.



Interior, exterior, paint correction and protection. This is a customized service to meet the exact needs and wants that you have.

For washing at home, one of the most frustrating steps is drying your vehicle. It's a race against the clock to avoid water spots, unless you rinse with de-ionized water. Especially good for hot Ottawa summers.

When the paint on your car is swirled, dull and even scratched, polishing will restore the shine and gloss. Easily the the most satisfying experience. 

Once you've had your car dialed-in, we'll keep your vehicle up to standard with a quick detail.

Impala Car paint swirl

More About Detailing

Many people I’ve served for the first time have not been familiar with what detailing involves. You may be picturing a high volume operating with a team of people performing a hand wash on your car. There isn’t any problem with service and it meets the needs of many. Afterall, many businesses in Ottawa are founded on this and do very well. 


However, this is not what we call detailing. The clue is in the name, it’s all about the details! 


Maybe your car is a prized possession that brings  joy to you and those who see it and drive in it. You demand strict and gentle attention. Maybe you have a family car driven daily and not necessarily a luxury vehicle. For you the priority may be feeling good about having guests in your car without any embarrassment. 


Every vehicle and customer is approached as a combination to determine your exact expectations.


However, regardless of your particular circumstances, when detailing your car, my services target a premium result. Between the time you drop off your car to when you pick it up, you’ll see  that it has been transformed. People arriving  to pick up their car often say the same thing, “I can’t believe it could look this good”. In some cases, people are seeing the true colour and condition of the vehicle for the very first time since they’ve owned it. 


You won’t only be happy with having a clean car, you’ll keep staring at it as you park it and walk away. And of course, there is simply no denying that a clean car just drives better...


This is how you benefit from what meticulous attention in skilled car care offers. It’s also why people in Ottawa have rated us so highly. When I pay for a service, I want to be fully satisfied and I want you to expect the same. Payment isn’t expected until you’ve inspected the work. If I’ve missed something I will address immediately. If there is a service I cannot provide, I will propose  solutions to you.


If you are in the Nepean, Gloucester, Greely or South Keys area, I am nearby and ready to answer your questions and of course look after your vehicle.


Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out, I’d love to hear from you.

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