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The Premium Car Wash, the best maintenance wash plan in Ottawa

Car Foam Cannon Soap

Have your car pop all year long with gentle washes that maintain your car’s finish.

Maintaining your car's appearance doesn't have to be complicated but there is a proper way to get it done. When you simply want your newly detailed car to keep looking it’s best, a basic wash from Rinse Water is the best way to get it done if you aren’t able to yourself. 

When it comes to washing your car during the year and between complete details, the name of the game is minimum contact with maximum lubrication. When you see swirls and scratches in a car’s paint, this is almost always due to improper washing techniques. Coarse brushes, towels with nylon stitching, a single bucket of water to wash the wheels, paint, glass, driveway, the kid’s bikes, etc. All these variables add up to dirt being ground into the paint and leaving marks.

   What’s more is that a “touchless” tunnel wash isn’t always much better. The water jets don’t rub against the paint, thankfully, but it also means that the detergents they use must be extremely powerful to strip away the road grime. That means the protective layers of sealant or wax that have been applied could be stripped away. At the very least, the longevity will be diminished on everything but the toughest ceramic coatings. Your rubber and plastic exterior trim is especially sensitive to being worn down by harsh soaps used in drive-thru wash bays. 

   When performing a basic wash, I will use the most gentle techniques to retain the previously applied protection while making sure all traffic film, road grime and environmental fallout is removed. Then I will add a fresh layer of prediction to the paint work, trim, wheels and glass as necessary to build on the previous. 

   This is accomplished with plenty of towels soaked in a bucket with a high lubricity detergent. The car is covered with gentle and pH neutral soap to begin breaking down the dirt on the car and add more lubrication. I will then work around the car, section by section using a clean and very plush towel on each panel. Once a towel is soiled, it never goes back to the bucket, ensuring that dirt is never introduced to the clean wash water. 

   After this step, I rinse the suds away with deionized water which leaves no water spotting in case of a hot sunny day. Then the car is fully dried using forced air, again to ensure that there is minimum contact with any trying towel but also to get into all the seams around lights, door handles, glass, etc. 

   Finally, I inspect the finish of the trim, paint and tires to determine where a fresh layer of protection is required. Paint, trim and tires are all brought up to the highest standard. 

   The beauty of having a well detailed car is that it’s easier to clean and dry. This makes it a much more enjoyable task when doing it yourself. 

   ​If you've had your car detailed and want to maintain the clean look, this is the best way to do it. The maintenance wash can also be combined with interior detailing or engine bay cleaning to get a more complete service. 

Included in a basic wash is:

  1. Gentle exterior hand wash using quality products, soft mitts and proper methods.

  2. Clean wheels and tires using multiple brushes to reach all surfaces.

  3. Clean Exterior Glass

  4. Wipe down the door jams, trunk jams and gas cap.

  5. Dry the vehicle using a forced air blower to avoid water drips from lights, seam, door handles, etc.

  6. Inspect paint sealant and tire dressing condition and re-apply when necessary.

Typical Pricing

Pricing varies with vehicle size, type and condition


(Hatch Back/Coupe)



(Sedan/Small SUV)



(Full size SUV/Truck)


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