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Complete Exterior Car Detailing in Ottawa

Safe and proper methods to get every corner of your exterior smooth, clean and protected. Swirl free.

2006 Ford Mustang Red

A premium detail is the reset you are looking for to clean and protect against Ottawa’s harsh environment.

Maybe it’s been a long time since you’ve had your car detailed. A few months, a year? Maybe you’ve never had your car detailed and you aren’t sure yet what that even means! Do not worry, The Complete Exterior Detail is the service that addresses this exactly.


This is the most popular service we offer because it has the best bang-for-buck satisfaction and is often paired with an full interior detail. When completed, you’ll be left with a car that’s been thoroughly decontaminated from built up grime and pollution. The exterior is also protected to give you long lasting results and ease of washing. 


Truly Clean Paint Feels Different To the Touch

If you’ve ever run your hand across clean paint, you’ll know that you can feel the difference. It’s glassy smooth and almost “soft” instead of rough like sandpaper.


How is that achieved?


The biggest difference comes from the decontamination wash. This not only removes the surface dirt and grime from driving around the city of Ottawa or on back country roads. We remove any previous layers of left over waxes or treatment as well as remove pollution, rail dust and fallout that is embedded into the pain. 


We clean to a level that a regular wash does not and cannot remove because the most stubborn contaminants are not sitting on top of your paint, they stick to it like stains on a shirt.

The Steps, Tools & Products Used


Washing away the major dirt is done with a pressure washer and a more powerful soap solution is applied to the car using a foam cannon. This loosens the grip that the dirt has on the paintwork so that the hand wash which follows is more gentle. This way we avoid any further swirls or scratches as we complete the detail. Multiple soft towels and gentle brushes make sure everything is removed from the paint, glass, trim, emblems and seals. 


This step also removes any previously applied waxes or sealants that may be left over from the past. We want everything gone so that the protection we apply has a clean and bare surface to bond with.

The paint is chemically decontaminated using a special spray-on iron remover and bug/tar remover as needed. Followed by a mechanical clay bar treatment, the paintwork is now completely ‘naked’. 


We dry the car using forced air instead of towels. Not only does this further help prevent swirls but it also blows water out of the body seams (headlamps, handles, etc) so you won’t get water dripping down later. 


Finally, all exterior surfaces are treated with a high quality wax (sometimes called a sealant) and the rubber and plastics are coated. The synthetic sealants used usually last for a few months while looking amazing. That super slick feel and deep “wet” look is now yours. 

Exterior Detailing Goes Beyond Paintwork Alone


The Complete Exterior Detail does not stop at the paint. Wheels are stripped of brake dust, grease and rust coloured oxidation on both the face and in the barrel of the wheel. Tires are brought back to a deep black using a treatment that will not sling onto your car after driving away. 


What else will you notice? All door and trunk jams are thoroughly cleaned so when you open them up, you aren’t surprised by oily grime stuck to an otherwise pristine car. The glass is left spotless for clear vision.


What is the process for an exterior detail?


First, give us a call and tell us you are interested so we can schedule you in . When you arrive, we will inspect the car, answer any questions you may have and finalize the price for the service based on the size condition of your car. 


A detail of this level takes time. Usually 3-5 hours, depending on size and condition. Rest assured that we’ll be in contact with you as the work nears completion so you can be ready to for pick up.

To really enhance the look of your car, look into options for paint correction, to remove swirls and scratches and really amp up the results. For the ultimate in protection and ease of futures washes, a ceramic coating is highly recommended. You’ll hardly be able to look away from your car as you walk away...

Included in this premium detail is:

  1. Inspection of the car to identify any special needs or customer concerns.​

  2. Full “Decontamination” Wash to remove iron, tar, road grime and previous waxes.

  3. Clay bar to remove contaminants embedded in the paint. (Your paint will feel VERY smooth).

  4. Fender liners and wheels deep cleaned with various brushes.

  5. Interior and exterior glass

  6. Door and trunk jams thoroughly cleaned, including deep in the hinges.

  7. Tires and trim dressed with water based high quality products.

  8. Long lasting paint sealant applied. 

Additional work such as paint correction, badge removal and headlight restoration can also be added on request.

Typical Pricing

Pricing varies with vehicle size, type and condition


(Hatch Back/Coupe)


(Sedan/Small SUV)




Water Beads


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