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Get Deep Colour and Reflection with Paint Enhancement and Polishing, Ottawa, Ontario

The stunning look of a polished car is undeniable. This is by far the ultimate way to set your vehicle’s appearance apart from others and to breathe life into older & neglected paint.

You may have just washed your car and all the right steps to have the glass, paint and wheels shine bright. Or better yet, you’ve asked for an exterior detail from us for the first time and the results are, of course, amazing!

As you look closer however, you notice that the gloss is missing. Your car’s looks a bit pale instead of the bright colour or deep black like some other cars.

Take a closer look at the sun reflecting in your paint. Does it look like this…?

Camaro hood swirls and scratches
Camaro Swirls in black car paint

Scratches, swirls or haze? Sometimes you’ll see the “ghost” of a bird dropping from years ago, or an entire section might even look foggy.

That’s where paint correction and polishing can help. 

In Ottawa, snow brushes that put tones of scratches into the paint are common. Automatic washes and even those ‘pay and spray’ booth brushes are just as bad. Other people use them, trapping grit in those tools and then grounding into your paint when it’s your turn.

These swirls are now defects that are permanently in your paint or clear coat. So what can be done? First, get in touch with us and let us know that this is something you’ve noticed and want to address.

We will guide you through the best paint correction option for you. Depending on your desired outcome and vehicle, paint correction can be performed to different levels to enhance the look of your vehicle or even completely remove almost every defect.

black paint polished comparison

No one has ever regretted the result of paint correction done right.

For anyone who really wants to have their car stand out apart from the crowd, we can discuss multi-stage paint polishing.

Multi-stage polishing is for those cases where a car has both the lighter swirls from improper care as well as deeper scratches that are random isolated deep scratches (aka “RIDS”).

Usually this means being a little more aggressive to start and following up with a fine polish, removing as many imperfections as possible while still maintaining a healthy thickness of paint.













Paint swirls and scratches cannot be waxed away, unfortunately. Some sealants and waxes do a great job of hiding and “filling in” some light swirls, but they are still there and will reappear after the wax washes away in a few weeks.

Polishing works by removing a thin (VERY THIN) amount of your car’s clear coat which makes the surface flat and rounds over the sharp edges of scratches. This smooth surface, flat surface is a reflective surface.

The Variation in Paint from One Car to the Next.

New, Used, re-painted, vintage, single stage. These are a few of the variables that can make polishing a car a bit intimidating. 

All of these factors are considered before placing a polishing pad to the paint. 

Remember that our goal is to make the car look as good as possible without affecting the longevity of your car’s finish. It’s possible to remove enough paint to make it look incredible, but at the cost of not leaving enough to last for years to come.

The steps to do this involve inspecting the paint for irregularities like repainted sections or paint that is already too thin using a paint thickness gauge.

Based on these factors and your expectations, a single step of polishing, multiple steps, or even more “aggressive” wet sanding of the paint may be appropriate

Daily Driver vs. Trophy Car. Each have their own needs. 

After all, a perfectly corrected paint job on a daily driver will look great, but may not be worth the cost if you consider the daily wear and tear of a car “out in the wild”. 

Especially in Ottawa with our winter conditions and the abuse that brushing away snow or scraping ice can cause. A single step correction is a great choice to bring out the best shine without worrying about maintaining absolute perfection. 

At the other end of the spectrum, a vintage “garage queen” or collector car that needs to be brought back to its original glory may warrant the work. We can start with a more effective polishing step and go after those deeper imperfections. 

With all the above to consider, pricing can vary and it’s best to get in touch to discuss the size of the vehicle and more importantly the desired results

Making your clean and polished car looks it’s best for a long time to come, be sure to consider a ceramic coating. This will not only maintain that new gloss for longer but make it easier to wash your car to reduce the chance of it happening all over again!

Call or Text to talk about getting the very best look for your car.

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