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About When it Started &

Why it Started

It’s difficult to remember whether the love of cars came first or making them as shiny as possible. Ever since grabbing whatever dish soap and wax I could find in my parents’ garage as a teenager, I’ve enjoyed being able to bring the best out of something I owned. 


Since that time I’ve been driven by curiosity to learn about cars and also to develop the skills in making them look their best. It’s common for me to start a conversation about what detailing service is needed, but end up talking about makes, models and tech with a customer for a long time afterward.


As with so many skills people acquire, I spent years detailing and polishing my own cars and helping friends. When cars of mine were nearly a decade old but still getting the “Wow, is that a new car?!” comments, it became clear that this could be something I could do for others. Bit by bit, a business was created.


I’ve maintained and improved my detailing through university and my engineering career. It’s been a priority for me to keep this passion alive and doing so for others has been rewarding.

Detailing philosophy

Being shop based and “low-volume”, my detailing goal is to bring out the best of what a car has to show its owner. Pride of ownership, the comfort of being in a clean and protected ride, staring at the reflections in the paintwork; these are the reasons I like detailing and what I want my customers to experience.


When you call, assume that I will be speaking about a full detail of the interior and exterior of your vehicle when answering questions about price and results. Especially if I’m seeing your car for the first time. I am only happy when the car is in the best condition possible and you are surprised and satisfied by the results. 


I genuinely care about you and your car. I only want to offer top quality detailing results and the experience that goes with it. It’s not unusual for me to spend several days detailing a car, correcting the paint, and dialing in the various aesthetic features of a car.


You might imagine, as I have learned, that this level of attention to a car is not on everyone’s radar. That’s OK! And sometimes it means that my service is not for that person. But if you want to know more yourself and experience a truly top tier experience, it would be my pleasure to provide this.

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