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Full Interior Detail service in Ottawa.

Does the interior of your vehicle make you feel stress? It can absolutely look brand new again.

The full interior detail is the best way to transform your car’s interior. When “Just do the best you can…” turns into “Oh my god, I didn’t know you could do that!”, we know the job has been done right at Rinse Water.

Chances are, the interior of your car doesn’t look like the inside of your home. That’s pretty common. Ottawa has brutal winters with salt, grit and winter clothing that isn’t laundered regularly. It’s easy to just shut the door on all this torture.

Eventually, it feels like too much as we cringe each time the door opens, an odor hits you and the materials have some combination of dust, grime and stains.

The full interior detail is the be all and end all to renew your car’s interior. Every surface and every material is brought back to it’s cleanest possible condition. We have the tools and techniques ready to clean, sanitize, deodorize and protect your vehicle’s interior surfaces.

Today’s cars are a mosaic of materials.

The variety of materials used in modern cars is always growing. Leather, cloth, plastic, vinyl, suede, micro-suede (or Alcantara), carpet, wood, carbon fiber, are just some.

It’s easy to understand why so many people are confused and even intimidated by a tough cleaning job on the inside of their vehicle. Or just how to avoid damaging anything.

An intensive cleaning is the most thorough method possible while gentle enough to preserve and increase the longevity of the interior. No harmful chemicals are being used unnecessarily. Instead, most of the cleaning is done using compressed air, steam and vacuums to make sure nothing is left behind.

The process your vehicle will undergo.

Be sure to send a message or call to set an appointment. Interiors vary in material, size and condition so much that we’ll need to see your vehicle before giving a final price. We’ll do our best to give you a narrow range based on photos you send, if you like.

After dropping your car off, the process begins with removing major items. Loose cash, toys, tools, everything is removed and put aside for the owner.

Compressed air is used to blow out as much of the loose dirt as possible. This also gets into areas that are often missed, like behind lights, between buckles and seat cushions.

Floor matts are removed and thoroughly shampooed with brushes and solutions that break down grease and mineral deposits (like salt). All of this is washed away leaving the carpet fibers clean and fluffed.

Seats are cleaned with brushes and pads appropriate to leather and cloth. If required, shampooing performed as well. Remember that not every interior needs every single tool, and we won’t wet down material unless it’s required. This helps keep materials as dry as possible for when you pick up when possible.

Steam is used to disinfect and reach into tight areas. It’s a favourite among customers as its one way to eliminate chemical cleaner use while delivering excellent results.

All in all, there won’t be a switch, buckle or seam that isn’t made to look new again.

Finishing Touches and Protection.

You want that clean feeling to last as long as possible, so every surface is treated with water based protection. No ultra shiny look or greasy feel.

This will not only provide a deep satin finish to the materials, but also make it easier to do a quick wipe down with a cloth between details. I wish every car in Ottawa would keep a cloth in their glove box, and now you’ll have a good excuse, too.

What if an area can’t be made flawless?

Sometime we’ll come across a stain or blemish that cannot be cleaned. Worn down carpet or a particularly old deep coloured stain and cracked leather are examples.

Just bring up any specific concerns when we meet and we’ll make sure to help you find the solutions you need. Setting the right expectations is an important part of your experience with Rinse Water Detailing.

People are often surprised at the results that can be achieved, especially if you think your car it’s just “too far gone” to be brought back. There is nothing as satisfying as taking a seat in a perfectly clean interior before driving off.

Remember to look at the basic interior detail to maintain the inside of your ride or pair it with a complete exterior detail to get the absolute best result possible.

Rest assured that between the time you drop off and pick up your car, you’ll see a true transformation.

Included in a full interior detail is:

  1. Initial vacuuming of all passenger areas and trunk. 

  2. Blowout seams and panel gaps with compressed air.

  3. Remove salt stains with hot water extraction.

  4. Deep clean carpet and upholstery.

  5. Clean headliner including around visors and mirrors. 

  6. Clean dash, console area, door panels, gear shifter and all other hard surfaces. 

  7. Condition all leather/vinyl materials. 

  8. Degrease and protect door jambs and sills

  9. Clean windows, inside and outside.

Typical Pricing

Pricing varies with vehicle size, type and condition. With full interior details a lot more depends on the condition of the vehicle and materials.

(Hatch Back/Coupe)






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