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Ottawa BMW Car Club Members, welcome. 

If you're looking for help on how to look after your pride and joy properly, let's start here.

First, thank you so much for taking the time to visit this page. Let's admit that researching car parts, looking at other BMWs for inspiration and trolling the forums is something we love to do. So it makes sense that you also want to spend time learning how to look after your investment to retain its value and bring out all its beauty. 

Your Ottawa BMW Car Club and I have partnered in a less traditional way to find ways of adding value to you, the members. I'd like to lay out a couple of ways you can benefit from this partnership. I would love to hear from you directly to know how to help you more. 

1) Detailing "hot line" priority:

I've spent enough time on forums and Facebook groups to know that most of the questions revolve around what product to use for this or that application. Which soap, which wax, which sealant, what's the difference? Which polish, which machine polisher? The shiny label on the blue bottle or green bottle?

If you have any questions like this, feel free to reach out without any pressure to buy my service or feeling that you are taking up my time. I want you to feel confident that you can take ownership of car care, that's it. 

If it happens that my answers seem like a lot to take on for your comfort level, I'll lay out what services make the most sense to ask for form a detailer, whether that's me or anyone else you choose to do the work. Let's make your club cars look better than any other. 

2) Car Cleaning Consult:

After most detail I perform, especially for people new to detailing, I'm asked, "what do I do now to keep it looking good?". This is why I created a Car Cleaning Consultation. 

As a member of the Ottawa BMWCC. I'll will offer this service at no charge. I'll be honest, this is a valuable service and I may need to limit the number of consultation I can offer, so please reach out if it's something you think you need. 

On the consultation, you will describe your specific circumstances:

- The vehicle you have.
- Where you can wash (garage, driveway, apartment, etc).
- Your local climate (Ottawa winters, baby!)
- Available time & budget.
- Any utility restrictions you may have (water, electricity).
- Time between washes.
- Where the vehicle spends its time (barely driven vs. construction site vehicle)

After the call you’ll receive a personalized plan for looking after your vehicle within 24 hours. This includes wash steps and “shopping list” to get you started immediately.

BMW M550i Headlight.jpg
BMW Engine Bay Cleaning.jpg
BMW 550i tail light.jpg

I look forward to hearing from you. You can contact me with the information below. My name is Andres.

Call or Text: 613-799-5224


Be sure to let me know you're a member when you get in touch.

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