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Water beading on car hood


Spot Free Water on Demand

For washing at home, one of the most frustrating steps is drying your vehicle. It's a race against the clock to avoid water spots, unless you rinse with de-ionized water.


This poly-glass tank allows you to run your regular tap water through it and remove all the minerals ( AKA Total Dissolved Solids) which cause water spots. The head of the tank includes a built-in bypass, so you can leave your garden hose attached at all times and simply turn the red valve handles to flow through the tank or bypass it. 

It includes male and female Garden Host Threads (GHT) so that you can simply add it into your line. 

Inside the tank is a resin (small plastic beads), enough to treat 2000-3000 gallons of water (this depends on the quality (TDS count) of your water supply).

deionizing water tank
Water on car hood


These are made-to-order tanks and typical pricing is $950 plus shipping. Please get in touch via the contact form or call to learn about this de-ionized water supply solution.

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